Wedding Videography – What’s next?

Wedding Videography – What’s next?

If you are following the work of your fellow colleagues, people you admire from social networks or are just simply analyzing your own films from past years, recent months or just last night
you might end up with the question ok, what’s next? 
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To be honest with you I ask myself this very question every day. I have an obsession with the future, I feel the strong need of foreseeing it and controlling the path I am on. 
But fortunately I quickly realized that this is just my inner self talking – it’s simply who I am. 
I have always been a person with many motives to destroy walls and just keep on going. 
Some may call this an urge to become someone, but I call it my own uniqueness. 
Ok, why am I sharing this and where is this going? 
To avoid mental depression. Mine? No, I been there – I am done. But I want to help who ever is reading this.  Because this will not lead you anywhere, only to trying to be somebody else that you are not. And this will not make you happy. As amazing other people’s work is – don’t let it take you down.  


Everybody is observing everybody. That’s how the business works. You got to be update with all “top videographers” out there. What are they filming on? What is their coloring process and how are they editing their stories? Fast transitions? Voice overs?  Yeah have to know it all. 
With the knowledge an methodology so open to anybody these days it can only lead to one thing our industry will get standardized on a higher level.
The future is bright, as we all as a huge community will lead to the moment where wedding videographer will not be viewed as cheesy
in the minds of the masses. And believe me – most of the people out there in the real world have such a statement on their minds. 
Maybe we are already there yet, maybe we did change the world of wedding videography. 
The best way to find out is to ask your neighbour while throwing out trash in the morning if he thinks wedding videos are cool. 

Finally, releasing his brothers ashes into the ocean (gets me every. single. time) and ending with that infamous Johnnie Walker walk is probably one of the most heart wrenching yet satisfying endings to a short film / advert i’ve seen. 

The conclusion

I don’t care what people think is cool. I really don’t. 
You might think that, I go for the likes on various groups and socials. I realized that in the moment I stopped thinking so much about other people and started to ask myself, what makes ME really happy -I found out that I never want to get standardized. 
I stopped looking at other’s people work, deleted all my memories from my head and simply looked back at the moment I went out jogging and yelling in the forest. How did I feel then?  I felt free. 

So if you are the person that is thinking how should I take my own work into the next level and what is the cool these days – stop.

Think not about other people, think about yourself and ask an honest questions – what makes me happy? The answer will tell you what’s really next. 

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