Twyla + Gary – SuperWeddings

Twyla + Gary – SuperWeddings

It’s not about the flowers.

The review

Wedding traditions and customs greatly vary between cultures and countries, but almost everyone is thinking about an event that is romantic, classy, full of fairy-tale moments.

Well, a guy named Sebastian had a different view. We do not yet know the real reason, but this guy shouted so loudly that marriage is not about the flowers, that all the world has heard.

Watching the video, lot of different feelings are evoked. Words such as esoteric, dark, hypnotic, come straight to your mind, words that have nothing to do with the feelings that one normal wedding film could awake.

Many believe that the quick edits, the use of photos or poems is what make Sebastian unique, but for us, what really stands out, is his need to make a statement, have his voice heard and in the end to take you on a journey that inspires and makes you feel.

Let’s see what else this guy have to say!