The Coast

The Coast

The Coast

An inspirational video standing out because of great cinematography. And something different to get inspired by other than wedding films. 


The first 30 seconds is just one long shot, which immediately gets the viewers curiosity. Then the story begins to unfold, with a little background about the character, and slowly building up what the Coast truy means to him. Also going from the rainy forest setting the whole scene in a mysterious way, slowly revealing the characters journey to the Ocean is great to see. In the end it’s a full circle telling his story.


The absolute high in this video is when you see the amazing water splashing up with so much violence. The music also plays a very big part in this, sound design is amazing. You will also notice this scene is in black and white which feels very artistic, mixing things up and doing things you would not expect.


The cinematography is very much on point and inspirational. Love the mix of drone footage, time lapses, wide and tight shots. Also how the video starts and end with the same drone shot. Colors are amazing.