Sunny + Adam – Humdrum Films

Sunny + Adam – Humdrum Films

Sunny + Adam – Humdrum Films

A wedding film that is inspiring because of the emotional impact. A sweet story of a couple so much in love. Starting with a unique beginning. 


First scene starts with a video call from the couple to the parents, telling them they just got married. It might not be very epic nor beautiful shots but it shows a lot of character. Of how adventurous the couple is eloping and humour between them and the parents. It just brings a big smile to your face, and you can immediately relate to them. It sparks curiosity to know more about them and their day. Slowly you get to know about their journey together, how she went through tough times losing loved ones. And that she only got through it all because of him. It just hits you in the heart.


It’s hard to make an interesting video about an elopement, where you just have two people and a short ceremony. But this video captures the purest love, also getting to know the couple, where they come from, how they are together. The video shows it all, and you feel happy for them that they’ve found each other and made a commitment of a lifetime together.


Interesting long shots and shallow depth of field in every shot. Shots showing details, mixing up with vintage super 8 shots, fast cuts, multiple shots in one frame, all very nicely cut into one video. The way of filming feels very candid, making it more real life which suits the story.