Sarah & Adam – Fiore Films

Sarah & Adam – Fiore Films

When a groom writes an original song to his bride, for their first dance, Fiore Films know how to make it special.

There is something about the work of Sharrone Calafiore and Fiore Films, that we just love!

She is definitely one of the best filmmakers of the industry, creating wedding films that stand out, due to her unique vision and original style and that has led Fiore Films to be awarded multiple-times internationally for the influential work they produce.

Edgy, romantic, sexy, cinematic are just a few of the words that come to mind when thinking about Sharrone’s films and the wedding film of Sarah & Adam is all that and more.

The cinematography, as always is impeccable, with great compositions and use of the light which Sharrone prefers to do with practical ways in camera and later enhances with her edits. Her signature style can also be found in the colour grading, with rich blacks and warm tones setting the mood of the film

Beyond all that what we really love about Sharrone’s work, is the respectful approach to the wedding and the couple. Capturing the real moments of the wedding, she finds the elements to tell their story. Her pure heart and genuine feel that goes into each edit is what we find unmatched…every detail is placed with intention…every moment matters.

In this wedding, it was an original song the groom wrote for the bride and their first dance, that Sharrone took a step further and had beautifully remixed by Owsey for the film.

So, time to kick back, turn up those speakers and get in the mood, watching a Fiore Film.