Patrick + Reema – Velare

Patrick + Reema – Velare

Another Velare masterpiece. Seeing it the first time really touched our hearts. Hearing the speech about the universe and seeing this spectacular footage it blew us away. Time to dive into why we think this film is as good as it is. 


Velare, or let’s say Tim Twinem, the master of setting of scenes. What signifies the films of Velare is the amount of B-roll they always use, to really give the viewer a sense of where they are. It slowly introduces you into the story. With this one it’s different, from the start you get served with a beautiful speech about the universe and ultimately love. It might perhaps be the best speech I have heard at a wedding. The choice of starting with the first dance combined with starlapses really makes this speech even stronger and cutting just before the actual kiss happens, just very masterful. It’s the silence that comes after that makes this a strong point of conflict. It drives you to want to know more about the couple, to want to know their story.


This film was way ahead of it’s time, even now, 2 years later it feels really relevant and amazing still. The way that there is a transition from the kiss just not happening to the ultimate silence of the forest, these are well balanced choices to give the viewer the punch it needs to be wowed even further.


There are very few people that can shoot the way Tim shoots, hearing it from him personally he has been drilled to think about every single shot, the composition, the subject and the light. You see this back in his films. It gives it a very distinguished feel. The amount of attention paid to capturing the environment and all is details really signifies his style and helps to tell the story in good way. Make sure to play close attention to the pacing also, although it’s on the slower side it flows really well and keeps you interested to watch until the very end.