It’s always nice to read the story behind a great film. This, from Monika Frias,  is one of the greatest film we had the pleasure to watch this year. A quite and simple edit into a powerful and emotional film. Enjoy it and read her adventure in this beautiful Wedding from Lukas and Lena in Iceland:

When Lukas told me he and Lena wanted me to shoot their wedding in Iceland, I couldn’t believe it. I mean, we are good friends and all, but he could have had any videographer in the world to shoot his wedding and he chose me! I was in Iceland so I thought “ok, we’re gonna drive for days shooting in every corner, every waterfall…” oh boy I was wrong. Lukas and Lena had the most intimate, relaxed family wedding in the whole world, it just happened to be held in Iceland, where he proposed to her a year before. So I grabbed my humble backpack, and went there again, that awesome land with so many shot opportunities. I was nervous, very nervous! I wanted to make sure it was the perfect video, I bought a new mic for my camera so the sound was on point, new 35mm lens so I could shoot with his favorite lens too. It was the longest day of the year so I knew we had a lot of time to do a portrait session, and since he was a photographer, it was better, he was gonna let us take all the shots we wanted. But again, I was so wrong!

I’m gonna make the story short: My new mic was damaged, so I shot the entire wedding mute (it was plugged to the camera but not working) and I dropped my new 35mm and it broke too. We had only 30 minutes of portraits, Lukas and lena wanted to be with their family, so we just stopped in a few places in our way to the house from the ceremony. You’re probably thinking “ok, but tell us about the horses” well… that just happened, I swear. We wanted a kiss with horses in the back so I broke a fence, we got in, and when we started to shoot, all the horses came to us, to say hi, they just stayed in the back, like saying “congrats, we are here to support your love” AWESOME. Then we got home and it was the most humble of celebrations: Burgers, BBQ, can beers, family and love. That’s it.

I shot this wedding entirely hand held, no monopod, no rigs. No drones ether as you can see.

So when I got to the editing I had this huge problem, no sound reference to link the audio from the recorder and the images, and ehem…it was in German (insert sweaty emoticon). So I spent a whole day trying to get the sounds from their mouth movements, but once I had that I had to hire a german translator so she could subtitle the whole thing, I needed to understand the vows right? but that was not all, there was the wind, A LOT of wind, so I had to send the audio to a sound engineer to fix it, and he did what he could (a very good job by the way, believe me this was not a problem I could fix with Adobe Audition)

So as you can see, I had many inconveniences, but it was a very beautiful editing process, I love these two so I got emotional every two minutes, I edited this video in tears LITERALLY. They had very long vows, specially Lukas, so I had to spread them a little, and in most cases I need to see them while they were speaking cause the audio was not the best. The music choice was NOT easy, I knew I wanted to use the song “I will follow you” because I knew Lena loved that song and she walked the isle with it, but I needed one for the first part, I can’t tell you how many hours I spent looking for that one. I even Had a musician made a special song for me, but at the last minute I changed it. In terms of the graphics, I found this Vintage drawing of the Midnightsun which was perfect for the titles. I wanted to make a video about love and family, not about Iceland, cause when I left home that was the feeling I had, I’ve witnessed the most simple yet moving love story ever.


Canon 5D Mk IV
Canon 70-200mm
Sigma 50mm
Sigma 35mm (just a few shots since it broke) RODE lav mic + iPhone app

RODE VideoMic Pro