Lene + Russ – Maru Films

Lene + Russ – Maru Films

Watching the videos of Remi and Pui-Yuk (Maru Films), the first thing that comes to your mind is “Wow how’d they do that !!!”

You immediately start looking for more of their work. You enter their site and while reading the “About us”, you discover that behind those amazing films, they are just two normal human beings with strengths and weaknesses, like all of us, that makes you wonder again, “Wow how’d they do that!”

The mystery was resolved last October in Barcelona when we were with them for three days. Remi and Pui-Yuk are not your typical couple, as we are used to, but a couple straight out of one of their videos. They are two soulmates, who found their missing half and are there for each other always. “That’s how they do it!”.

They are not attracted by the shining objects, the luxurious villas and the big yachts, but the people who live and share the same love for their other half, as they do. And as a secret code, the couples who have these features, after watching their videos, know that only Remi and Pui-Yuk can understand them and capture perfectly what they feel for each other.

That’s how we get to the video of Lene & Russ, two wonderful people who have had to overcome many obstacles to be together and have succeeded. The composition, the grading and the discreet recording, are at the highest level, but those are elements that you can find in many videographers. However there is an element that makes them stand out and this is the narrative. The way they unite the image, with the voice over and the music to tell the story is truly unique.

The people, the landscape, the sound design, from the first few seconds they captivate you. But Remi and Pui-Yuk don’t want to just impress, because what matters the most, is love. So the place of magical landscapes, take two beautiful people, the sound effects are replaced by love words and the epic scenery, with the love and warmth of the guests, who celebrate the wedding of their loved ones!

Is that enough for Maru films? Definitely no!!!

They close with the promise, “I’m yours, and you are mine, from this day until the end of my days…”