Lauren + Yohan – Philip White Weddings

Lauren + Yohan – Philip White Weddings

A real classic, a film that also withstands the test of time. A solid story always beats fancy tricks, watch and be in awe.


lauren & yohan by philip white


A good story should grab your attention in the first few seconds. The choice that Philip made by starting the video with a french radio, a phone and a beautiful shot of Paris are tickling the curiosity. But once you see the main Yohan talking right into the camera, it grabs your attention massively. He talks about how they met and how they love slowly developed. Their story slowly unfolds and you start to get a sense of who they are and you want to dive into their story.


Especially knowing that this film is already 4 years old and is still very interesting and captivating, without getting boring. It shows that work of this outstanding quality, without all the often unnecessary tricks, stands the test of time. It’s something that we as wedding filmmakers really have to think about. As the thing that we are creating is something that has to last forever. It’s all these little choices that make this film really special and original. The couple talking directly into the camera, in 2 languages, talking about their story. Yeah that is special.


We know Philip as a person that loves his 85mm lens, and you can really tell that he mastered this lens. The cinematography from this film (4 years old) and his more recent work are always phenomenal. But choosing to do an interview with a 24mm? That is just bold, different and ultimately something that really draws you into the story. The cinematic choices he made, with lighting, composition and movement (or lack of movement) are the things that make this film that much more special.