Janelle & Ante – With Heart Films

Janelle & Ante – With Heart Films

There is a reason for the name of the company run by Stam and George. Because they edit with their heart and that’s what you can feel in every single choice they made to create this beautiful piece.


This story is like an amazing love poem, a love that was not supposed to be. But their paths crossed anyways and it is love that in the end survives. As a viewer you are taken on this journey of feelings from the beginning till the end. 


The editing is exquisite, the choices of the cuts, the timing. The little intricate details, that people feel but not necessary know. The way the film flows with the music feels really effortless, the sound design really takes this film to another level. Everything feels so well balanced. But also very well written text, which I’m not sure of if they wrote it or the couple. But the mix within the film is perfect.


But the thing that stands out most of this film is the cinematography. The diversity of the images, the composition, the sometimes weirdness of the shoots with the smoke, the tilt shift, free lensing, it is outstanding. Not only does it make the story more interesting, it puts more emphasis on the the feelings of the story. The dreamy effect that they create through the cinematography connects very well with what is spoken about. Oh and the grading also deserve to be mentioned, job well done.