Jacqueline + Liam – Bottlebrush Films

Jacqueline & Liam by Bottlebrush Films

The first few scenes immediately takes your attention and you want to watch the whole film. This is not your standard wedding film.


This is a high energy video, leaning more towards a music video which is brilliantly edited. The video tells the story of the the character of the couple, it seems like a very fun and happy wedding. By showing snippets of multiple speeches, we get to know the bride and groom.


The video has very original grading, going from colour to black and white and sepia. Also showing titles and texts is fun and alternately. Also love the way the images matches what you hear in the speech. The way this is done keeps the attention and you just keep watching the video.


Is on point. With lots of movement, nice compositing. There is a lot going on but it just matches the energy of the wedding and the pacing of the song. Matching transitions, there were quite a lot but it didn’t feel overdone because it works with the song.