Evoking Emotion with a Drone with Jay Worsely

Evoking Emotion with a Drone with Jay Worsely

Lets just state the obvious… How cool are drones?? Whether you are a hobbyist or professional, we can all agree that how accessible and how much easier it is to get that perspective to help enhance a story is amazing. However, that has now lead to films coming out that are all made from just a drone! So crazy that making a drone film is a thing now!
Ethos is now my third “aerial cinematography film”. As story tellers, we all want to do just that… tell a story. What is the point of just having “cool” footage? There needs to be purpose and meaning and intention behind these kinds of films. Or any film for that matter.

So in a world of instagram, social media, and posts that have been edited and perfected, it is super easy to begin the comparison game. It can be easy to get discouraged because you are either not getting to film that rad couple in iceland getting those epic shots, or want to go to all of these amazing locations to get that “cool” footage. But wait… its not about cool footage. Anyone can get cool footage. So what makes it different.

With Ethos, I was beyond challenged with making a film that conveyed emotion I was feeling when I was in these different locations. That was my main goal and intention with the film, to share that emotion and have the viewer feel the same thing I was feeling.

When searching for locations to create this film, I realized that I needed to let go of that “perfect landscape” idea out of my head. I needed to be more open to what was around me. What I was feeling. I didn’t want just an epic shot. I wanted people to feel what I was feeling in that very moment being surrounded by something beautiful. So with location scouting, I sort of had to throw that out the window.

Here is an example of when searching for a cool spot on google maps just doesn’t work. If I had left my searching to google, I would have never stopped at this spot and flown here:

Google Maps View of the area:

What this looked like from my drone on the side of the road:
As I said earlier, in a world of social media and finding iconic spots to get cool footage, this would never be a place someone would go to merely because of the google maps view. I stopped here because I felt something. I even waited to take my drone out and film. I stood in silence taking it in. Taking it in for that moment, helped me know how to film it when my drone was in the air.

Before I filmed the majority of footage for this film, I had been doing project after project after project and was getting burnt out. I needed to get out and just be surrounded by something quiet and beautiful. That was the story I wanted to tell with Ethos. We easily forget about the incredible beauty that is within arms reach of us. That is just on the side of the road. Seeing something that fills your soul. The feeling like you were lost and then you discover yourself by being a part of this creation. Filling your heart with a desire to wander to places unseen. To seek out and find these places so you can be filled with that feeling again, that feeling of being captivated by God’s creation.

For this film, it helped me realize that when I shoot a wedding that may not be in an epic location, I can still draw something out of it… Story and emotion. Not just their emotion, but my emotion. Taking this blah location and making it come to life. It’s the same thing with projects that may seem boring or dull or not interesting because of how it looks on paper or how google maps shows it. But when you are there, you can get lost in that moment. You can let that moment affect you. Bring that moment to life with the details you see in front of you.

I realized that I can truly bring any story to life if I give in and let it affect me. What may seem mundane, really isn’t mundane at all if you change your perspective on it.
ETHOS will always be an emotional film for me. Every spot that you see in that film I had a direct emotional attachment too after filming it. Because I allowed it too. I let the story come alive by being vulnerable to it. If ETHOS is a success in anything, its because of that.